OP/ED 2018

The Ad Revenue & Operations Summit

WHEN Feb 28 - Mar 1
WHERE Charleston, SC Belmond Charleston Place
Operative is Now
Sintec Media

Market Makers and Market Members

An Opportunity for Growth

You are living through an industry transformation that’s about to turn in your favor. Like music industry veterans, publishers have had to deal with massive disruption: competition, fragmentation and disintermediation in the form of Facebook, Google and thousands of middlemen.

The tide is turning on digital giants. Data and new infrastructure will empower you to come roaring back.

BECOME A MARKET MAKER: Advertisers want premium content and audiences, but also want to buy at scale. Build a marketplace that attracts advertisers and keeps them coming back.

LEAD IN THE OPEN MARKET: Tired of following Facebook and Google’s leads? Join forces with marketplaces that won't disintermediate your business. Media markets like OpenAP are emerging that pool data, inventory and delivery. Publishers are gaining traction against Facebook and Google.

OP/ED helps you put together a winning strategy to sell quality audiences and content at scale across markets.

"Having people collaborate, share and openly discuss in this forum speaks volumes for this event."

At OPED 2018, get your equation for market growth.

Kick off the day with morning keynotes:

Industry experts provide an overview of the new marketplace and strategies to maximize offerings for advertisers to take advantage of the $100b audience targeting opportunity.

Then, hear from your peers about the strategies that work:

Leading and participating in the marketplace for premium content and audiences | Maximizing technology to streamline sales and delivery | Bringing channels together to maximize yield

Finally, discuss the issues that stand between you and growth:

Unifying your product catalogue to deliver premium products | Connecting to other media companies to increase scale | Bringing demand sources together to increase revenue | Streamlining operations to create efficient delivery

Don't miss this pivotal event to shape the future of media in your favor.

"It was a great balance of information and interaction."

Who will be there?

Here are a few of the 50+ leading media companies scheduled to attend OP/ED:

A + E networksAutotrader Apple AT&T babycenterBankratebazaarvoice bonnierComcastCharter communicationsdiscovery channel edmundsFox globosat healthgradesHulu meredithNBC Universal news corpresignation media saavnScripps Networkssinclair broadcast group startribune univision vevo warner brothers Washington Postweatherbug